Unison Research Unico Hybrid Valve Amplifier & CD Player Thrill Us.

The 'Reading Boys' are proud to announce a new addition to our already impressive line-up of mid-priced high performance audiophile equipment.

The Unison Research Unico Nuovo Phono 95 wpc amplifier and the  CD Primo CD Player.

Beautifully finished all aluminium casework and sand-blast finished front panel (available in black + £100); with more than a dash of Italian style, these two rather unassuming units pack a mighty punch. Don't for one minute assume the presence of the valves in the pre-amp and in the CD player's output stages results in a warm cuddly sound as that couldn't be further from the truth.

This combination produces an incredibly musical and engaging performance with a sense of dynamism we've not heard at anything like their price points: the inclusion of the valves ensure the sound remains fatigue free and sweet.

The amp also features a high quality MM/MC phonostage.

A healthy 95 watt Mosfet output assures the amp's ability to drive any likely partnered speakers.

A lovely sculpted solid wood remote is included with each.

Amplifier £1800, CD Player £1500. Available demonstration now.