Latest Additions - Audioquest, Ruark, and Teac

Three great new reasons to visit Audio-T Portsmouth.

1. Audioquest Nighthawk headphones. These excellent new headphones are a must to audition at £499. They are super comfortable, and have a very clean and open sound while also retaining a smoothness that makes them easy to listen to for long periods.


2. New Ruark R4 £649.95

The new R4 has a few differences compared to the older model. Gone is the dock on the top but it now comes with Bluetooth instead. It's slightly smaller but Ruark have still managed to improve the sound, and they have also improved the usability.

3. Teac TN-300 Turntable £299.95 (Cherry pictured)

We have added this glossy looking turntable to our range for several reasons. Apart from the great looks, it has the flexibilty to plug straight into any system with an auxiliary input due to it's built in switchable phono stage. It also has a USB output. Changing from 33 to 45 rpm is also switched easily.