What is the ultimate source? Discover the truth with Isotek at Audio T Southampton

Debates continue to this day amongst hi-fi enthusiasts as to which source is the best.

Many say good old vinyl but streaming quality has advanced in leaps and bounds and the current choice of great CD players and DACs shows that there is still plenty of life left in the silver disc.  

Whichever format you favour, they are all capable of providing enormous listening pleasure and musical involvement.  We will explore and demonstrate the quality of some outstanding turntables, CD players, DACs and Streamers at our forthcoming audio events so do check out our store page regularly to ensure you don't miss out on our Autumn Audio Extravaganza!

We will have exclusive offers to tempt you as well as prize draws and the opportunity to listen to some great music on awe inspiring systems!

Our first event, on the 4th and 5th September, features Isotek products with experts from the company present, to explain the science and demonstrate the performance of their impressive range of power cables and and mains conditioners.

This event aims to dispel arguments about the relative benefits of different source components and to demonstrate that the real source for any hi-fi system is not the digital or analogue front end.  In fact it's the mains power supply.

We all know the source first principle of sytem hierarchy, and, however much we all tweak our hi-fi systems, in the search for hi-fi nirvana, Isotek will show that the first priority should be to tackle problems with the mains supply.  It really is a case of rubbish in rubbish out.

Without the mains supply we all take for granted our hi-fi systems would remain silent but there's a lot more to the electricity supply than just the provision of voltage.  We are all bombarded with RFI and EMI from the ever growing number of electrical, especially wireless, items in use preventing our hi-fi systems from working optimally, however much money we spend on other upgrades and tweaks.

Isotek have solutions to deal with all aspects of cleaning up the dirty and worsening mains supply and getting your system singing.

Just £99.95 for an Isotek Evo3 Premier power cable to replace the throwaway mains lead provided with most products will yield huge benefits.   

Isotek will show how much more can be done to ameliorate the negative effect of dirty mains on your musical enjoyment with better power cables such as Sequel at £199.95.

Prepare to be amazed when a system is transformed by the mightily impressive Sigmas Mains Conditioner!

The improvements Isotek mains products can make to any system, regardless of price, are so profound that we really don't want you to miss this golden opportunity to quiz the experts from Isotek and we are sure that you will be as stunned as we were when you here what Isotek can do to enhance your hi-fi!

Don't forget we will also have exclusive Isotek offers and a prize draw - watch this space for more details very soon!  

Do come along after 4pm on Friday 4th September (until 8pm) or between 10am and 6pm on Saturday 5th.

In the words of Keith Martin, founder and Managing Director - think power, think Isotek!