Audeze EL-8 headphones. You'll be el-8-ed.

In the market for a new pair of headphones.

Introducing the new entry level open back Audeze EL-8 headphone. 

Designed by BMW Designwork, BMW's very own design house. 

Fit and finish is class leading and very comfortable, as you would expect.

Although they look like conventional headphones they are in fact very different, using the worlds most advanced planar magnetic technology.

The cutting edge headphone capsule design includes Audeze's trade mark technologies :




The headphone cable uses a very nifty lightning-esque type connection. Great for when you need to pack them away.

All this adds up to a well balanced, sonically cohesive sound for prolonged listening sessions.

The EL-8's are available in closed back and open back configurations which can both be used with portable devices.

Yes Chromey, Audeze is pronounced like the word odyssey. Well done.

So, remember if you want a pair of headphones to, hyperstimul-8, be immacul-8, invigor-8,articul-8,scintill-8,

step up to the pla-8 and make a da-8 to come and listen to the Audeze EL-8 at Audio-T Manchester

You can request a demo through our website and it is available for demonstration at our Bristol store. You can read more about the Audeze El-8 on their website.

See you soon.

Munir, Kev, Mike and Dave