The Pro-Ject Essential II Goes Digital !!

The hugely successful and award winning Essential II has had a "digital" face lift. The Project Essential II DIGITAL aims to be one of the first turntables that can be connected to almost any modern home entertainment system.

The £309 Essential II stands out of the crowd thanks to its high quality gloss finish and the "Digital" logo emblazoned on the plinth.

A new phono stage based on the Project "Phono box" designs delivers a superb performance from the fitted Orfofon cartridge. This brand new integrated phono stage gives the option of either phono line level or the 24bit/96kHz optical output.  The Optical output uses a high quality Analogue-Digital Converter (ADC) to send a clean, uninterrupted signal to any digital hub. So whether listening to music through a soundbar, an AV receiver, a DAC, a digital pre-amplifier or a multi-room system with different input options - the Essential II Digital should fit in flawlessly. 

The low voltage motor with the perimeter platter drive has been retained from the original Essential II. You get a heavy MDF platter and the Ortofon OM5E cartridge.

Also retained is the high quality 8.6in aluminium tonearm with its traditional anti-skate device and damped lift/lower devise. The low vibration motor and silicone rubber drive belt ensure a clean and precise sound.

All in all another award winning design. Project have taken a traditional turntable and revolutionised it for the modern digital world. A versatile turntable at a bargain price. Pop in for a listen.