Summer is coming and we've some new products to tempt you.

Naim Audio Super Lumina

Speaker cable £300 per meter inc factory termination, Interconnect 5Din-5Din £1750


We've waited the best part of 20 years for a new speaker cable and the wait is finally over! What's more they've added new top-of-the-range interconnects too. The reaction of Naim's forum is nothing short of spectacular so why not either arrange for a demo or better still try them at home. Ours are now fully run in and raring to go.

Naim NAC-N272 Pre-amp/Streamer

NAC-N272 £3300 (£3595 inc FM/DAB Radio)

Naim's latest addition to their extraordinary line up of streaming products in the new NAC-N272 Pre-amp streamer which, with the addition of one of their power amplifiers gives you a highly sophisticated high-end solution in just two boxes. Needless to say there are upgrade options with the addition of external power supplies too so you're still future prove. Available with or without  FM/DAB radio.

Yamaha AS2100 & CDS2100 A Integrated Amp and CD Player

Yamaha CDS2100 £1799.95, AS2100 £1999.95

Recently we were asked to demonstrate these two Yamaha products and so taken were we with their performance we just had to stock them. Beautifully built as you'd expect for a top-line Yamaha, they have a gorgeous rich yet detailed sound quite reminiscent of a valve amp but with oodles of power. The SACD/CD player features digital in so can also be used as a DAC for other digital devices. Full tone controls and a pair or retro VU meters complete the classic look.