Chord Company/Dynaudio Focus XD Evening June 11

We would like to invite you to a musical extravaganza!

On Thursday June 11 The Chord Company and Dynaudio UK will be joining forces to show you some amazing products.

The evening wil start at 6.30 pm with a demonstration by Chord. Highlighting how their cables can drastically improve your system and also showing the differences that cable construction techniques have on sound performance; for example, shielding, conductor size and plug design.

Plus one lucky person will win a Chord Cadenza RCA to RCA worth £275!


At 7.30 pm Dynaudio will demonstrate their latest and most exciting speakers yet, the new Focus XD range. Focus XD speakers connect directly to the music source, making for a simple, stunning, high end system. With built in high performance digital amps and capable of 24 bit/192 resolution playback. They are upgradable to both multiroom and wireless use. These will be connected using Chord's flagship interconnect, the Sarum.

An authentic home made Thai buffet and refreshments will be provided.

We will also be offering a 15% discount on all Chord Co Cables or Dynaudio sold on the night!

Spaces are limited so if you would like to attend, please call 01865 765961 or e.mail