Installation of ARCAM FMJ AV950 & UDP411

A quick peek at a recent installation for a customer in Cardiff replacing Linn processor and disc player with the latest ARCAM FMJ AV950 processor and ARCAM FMJ UDP411.

The customer also chose a new home for all their lovely electronics in the shape of the very impressive Atacama Evoque Eco 60/40 rack.

This easy to assemble unit looks fantastic with its sustainable bamboo shelving and glossy black legs. Its design is elegant yet solid and sturdy. 

Above are the early stages of installation showing the AV950 processor.

 Below is the next step including UDP411.

The customer is currently running the B&W 805 speakers, bi-amped using  two Linn power amps. The intention is for these to be replaced in the near future with up to date Arcam FMJ P49 2 channel power amplifier and the not yet released 3 channel version.

 Installation complete.