RSD Queue at Hundred Records started at 2.30am!

Yes, that's right, so keen were Mark's customers to be first to get their hands on exclusive Record Store Day vinyl releases that queuing commenced at a chilly 2.30am!

Good luck to Mark for his first Record Store Day at Hundred Records.  It looks like it will be a busy one!

Well done also for the great piece about RSD on Alex Dyke's show on BBC Radio Solent on Friday and extra thanks for mentioning Audio T!

For anyone still in need of a Rega RSD turntable to play their newly purchased vinyl on, we do still have a very limited number of these exclusive decks available on a first come first served basis.  

Remember there is a chance that any of these could be signed by one of your musical heroes!

Don't leave it too late!

Have a great Record Store Day everyone!

Today I am mostly playing Bob Dylan, The Doobie Brothers, Pink Floyd, Paul Simon, Van Morrison, Tracy Chapman, Dr Feelgood, etc.... all on vinyl of course!