May The Tracking Force Be With You (Part 2)

Having problems with your turntable? Is your belt slipping? Is your turntable spinning backwards? Is your vinyl sounding harsh and sibilant?

Don't panic!!!

You may just need a new cartridge or stylus, or your turntable may need a little TLC.

Do yourself a favour and pop into Audio T Manchester and have a chat with Dave. With over 30 years of turntable experience, what he doesn't know about styli and cartridges isn't worth knowing.

Dave can advise you on the correct set up for your turntable (especially if it's spinning backwards) and recommend the best cartridge for the tonearm and phono stage you are using.

Dave and Mike also do the complete turntable set up in store.

So, why not get your turntable serviced now and bring your vinyl back to life!.... put the force back into your music. 

You can also speak to Munir or Kevin if Dave and Mike are busy.


Audio T


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