What I Want For Christmas! Project Xtension 9 Superpack

Dear Santa, 

This year I would very much like a Project Xtension 9 Superpack

It is a beautifully engineered turntable, packed with innovative features.

The innovation starts with the feet which use opposing magnets to help isolate the turntable from vibration. Opposing magnets are also used to help reduce the force of the platter on the main bearing.

The Evolution arm is formed from carbon fibre for rigidity and low mass, and also looks great!

It also comes fitted with an Ortofon Quintet Black moving coil, which is a beautiful performer 

The whole turntable is beautifully put together, from the massive platter to the piano lacquer finish (you can also get them in red and white). A nice touch is electronic speed control, so no fiddling around with belts, and a heavyweight record puck to help your record mate to the top layer of the platter. This layer is actually made from recycled vinyl records for a good mechanical interface.

But the main thing Santa is I just love the way this deck sounds. I've been passionate about turntables for as long as I can remember, and have owned many esoteric models over the years but there is something just "right" about the way this package plays music. I could talk about detail, resolution, and soundstaging, but I find when I'm listening to it I don't start getting analytical, I just listen to album after album. This really is an "oh just one more album" type of deck. It's fun!

So you see Santa, I'd really like one, and I've already got a teddy bear

Yours Hopefully

Paul (age 52 and a half)