Naim NACN272 and NAP250 DR Christmas Combo

What we'd really like for Christmas (given a very generous Santa!) - the Naim NAC-N272 pre-amplifier / streamer and NAP250 DR power amplifier. This is also co-incidentally used as part of our reference hi-fi system in the shop. The other parts being the Naim Unitiserve or Melco N1A digital music library (pictured below) to store our CD's, and the XPS DR power supply feeding the NAC-N272 with clean power. However, you don't necessarily need any other components as long as you have a computer to rip and store Cd's.

Taking the two parts separately. There isn't much more to say about Naim's legendary NAP250 power amp apart from it's a top notch stereo power amp that will effortlessly drive most speakers with fantastic dynamic sound and musicality.

The NAC-N272 is a high quality pre-amplifier and streamer in one box, it represents excellent value for money because it has a great selection of flexible features and allows a very high quality Naim system to be built with just two boxes.

The 272 has both analogue and digital inputs, but come Christmas day, Spotify and Tidal can be streamed via the Internet, or Bluetooth can be used for all your Christmas favourites! Internet radio will allow you to listen to the Queens speech. Then you can play your new downloaded music or ripped CD's while drinking your mulled wine, and controlling the system by Naims Ipad app, or just by the regular remote. That sounds like a Merry Christmas to us!