A Big Thank You To Our Customers and Audio T Suppliers!

Many thanks to the many customers who attended our Autumn audio events and to all of the hi-fi representatives for lending their support and generously giving up their time in the noble cause of promoting the enjoyment of great music at home!  

All of the events were a great success so it's impossible to pick highlights.

Everyone who heard the mighty Arcam C49 and two P49 power amps in bridged mono driving the awesome PMC Fact 12 speakers was riveted by the effortless dynamics and realism.  With an Isotek Sigmas ensuring a clean mains supply and system wiring exclusively Chord Sarum this hi-fi came so close to recreating the live music experience.  Incredible!

Even more Sarum was required for the six pack Cyrus Signature system, tri-amping PMC Twenty 26 speakers!  Three pairs of speaker cable and interconnects plus digital leads - that will be £26,000 please!  Another stunning high resolution system.

Even the most cynical came out of the Isotek demonstrations totally convinced that mains conditioning is the first thing we should all consider when setting up a hi-fi system.  It makes perfect sense that any noise or variation in the mains supply will have an adverse effect on music reproduction.  

Anyone who's yet to be persuaded is welcome to come and see us for a demo and home loan of Isotek power leads and conditioning products.  It will fundamentally change your enjoyment of music!

Thanks also to Mark from Hundred Records for joining us with his pop-up record store during our Rega Queen turntable launch event.  His usual infectious enthusiasm ensured a lively day!  Not many customers left empty handed, either clutching new records or a new turntable, if not both!

So a big thank you to you all, customers and suppliers alike.

Watch this space for the announcement of our lucky prize draw winners very soon!  ... and we will be hosting more in store events, once we've caught our breath!

See you soon,

Alan and John