A Diverse Mix of Vinyl Music at Audio T Bristol

On Saturday 10th of October the guys from Diverse Vinyl will be starting their 2015 Roadshow by setting up a pop up shop in the Bristol store. 

As usual they will bring a large selection of records including their latest pressings for you to purchase on the day. We will have various systems set up in the shop for you to try out your purchases.

We will have the excellent Rega RP1 set up with Rega's Brio-R and some PMC Twenty 21's, a Rega RP3 with Rega's Elex-R amplifier driving a pair B&W CM6's, Bryston with a Rega RP6 and PMC Twenty 26's and a Naim system with Kudos Super 20's. Should be a good one so see you on the 10th. Refreshments will be provided!