Bluetooth your system with an Arcam Mini Blink Wireless DAC

Upgrade any system and make it Bluetooth for less than £90

For less than £90 the Arcam Mini Blink allows you to stream wirelessly to any system be it vintage or contemporary.

If you have a bluetooth capable device and want to be able to hold your entire album collection in your hand, or stream from your music service such as Quobuz or Spotify for example, then this is the up grade to make.

Using the latest apt X CODEC the Mini Blink connects to your device in seconds and offers superb sound quality.

Although the Mini Blink comes with all the cables you require to get started an improvement can certainly be heard by upgrading the interconnects. We have found the Audioquest Evergreen 3.5mm to 2-RCA is a good pairing.

We are happy to demonstrate the mighty Mini Blink in store.