Arcam sure can!.. With the NEW CDS27

Arcams NEW CDS27 is all things to all men... and women!

Arcam have been on a bit of a roll over the last 12 months with the launch of their awsome A49 stereo amplifier then followed up by the release of the A39 stereo amplifer. Now is the turn of the CDS27, a SACD player with a built in music streamer.

This is not just a Cd player with a streamer thrown in the box as an after thought, Oh no! the streamer is a good streamer in it's own right thanks to the audio playback being taken care of by TI/Burr Brown PCM1794 digital to analogue converters (DAC)!

We've had this little beauty in our shop for a couple of weeks now connected to an Arcam A39 and I have to say that the results are much greater than the £800 price tag would suggest!


I've found the wireless connection very reliable and a piece of cake to setup and I was playing music off our NAS drive within a matter of minutes.

The Arcam CDS27 really is one of those products where I think the manufacturer got everything just right from the sound quality to the price. Bare in mind that this is a SACD player as well as an UPNP music streamer, potentially making this one box wonder the only source you'll ever need!

So if your Cd player is getting a little long in the tooth and you've yet to dip your toe into the would of streaming maybe the Arcam CDS27 is the replacement player for you!?!

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