Your next upgrade?

Coud this be one of the next upgrades you make to your system?

A recent chat with a customer got me to thinking about this. Whilst discussing possible upgrade paths to his system which was about ten years old it became apparent that he had not bought any new music in that time which amazed me.  It's no wonder that during that time the system would be getting used less and less. But was it really a case of the hi-fi needing upgrading as the customer thought, or just that he was bored of the music he had been playing all that time?

Realising that a worthwhile upgrade was out of his reach financially I suggested that he just goes and buys a few new albums. After about half an hour of playing some of the albums I had bought over the last few months I sent him off down to Derricks Music!

Since then I have been asking a lot of customers what their last music purchase was and it really surprises me that so many people have not bought any new music in such a long time.

The easiest way to breathe new life into your system is to buy some new music! Here's a few of my recent favourites i've bought

People often ask me "where do you hear new music". I have been listening to Paul Jones on Radio 2 on a Monday night for many years and it's cost me a fortune! Also, Bob Harris Country on a Thursday night is another great programme that I listen to and with the on demand service on line you can listen to it whenever and wherever you want.

The other big thing in the past few years of course is the resurgence in Vinyl. Sales of turntables has gone through the roof and we are seeing literally dozens of old turntables being brought out of the lofts which is fantastic as I am a big vinyl fan. The amount of new LPs being released is crazy! There are so many old albums being re-issued and artists going back through their old releases that were never released on vinyl the choice is staggering. 

I took this picture on my last visit to Derricks. A great example of whats available, from Frist Aid Kit (a relatively new band from Sweden) to old classics like Bob Marley Legend, Pink Floyd and Kraftwerk. Four albums that would be a great evenings listening!

So... if you think your system needs something new, often it can be something as simple as discovering some new music.

If you want to hear some new music then feel free to call in and ask us what we have heard that's new and i'd be glad to hear what new music you have found of course.

After all, it's all about the music!