Linn Kandid Linn's Best Cartridge Yet?

Every now and then something comes along that completely changes the previous set reference.

The Kandid is one of those moments.


For Years fans of the Troika have been waiting for something to come along and make them feel there is a real significant improvement over their much used and loved cartridge,indeed many are still using Troika's over a decade or more later,well the wait is over the cartridge you have been waiting for is here.

It's not that what followed...The Arkiv, Arkiv B & Akiva weren't great cartridges they were and out performed the Troika in many area's but they weren't the complete deal, this is ,with clarity depth detail and realism in abundance.


The best the shop system has ever sounded according to more than one regular. 

Now on dem so bring one of your favourite albums and hear for yourself. I have!