KEF Reference 5 On Demo...One Week Only!

In store now for one week only, we are proud to announce we have the latest incarnation of the of the revered KEF Reference range of speakers from our good friends at KEF UK. This generation of Reference speaker really has raised the bar when it comes to performance and imagery combined with elegance and cutting edge technology, this floor standing speaker is more than capable of bringing recordings new and old into your listening environment.

Just a teaser picture to whet your appetite.

So many aspects of this range of new KEF Reference speaker has changed and been improved since the last generation, from the shape of the cabinets and the layout of the drivers, all the way down to the binding posts which have been plated with platinum no less.


All these changes large and small come together to make an incredible listening experience. Want to see more? Why don't you dig out your favourite vinyl or CD and give us a call to arrange a listen before this opportunity passes you by.