The NAC202 & NAP200 of Naim's Classic range is now on demonstration

Naim's NAC202 & NAP200 is the entry level pre/power combo of the Classic range, however it's quality & performance certainly isn't "entry level". This combo offers unrivalled realism, accuracy & scale, unachievable from an XS system.

Having listened to this combo for the first time, the most noticeable improvement over an XS system was a major step up in the dynamics of the system. A richer, fuller bodied & more muscular character pulls you deeper into all your favourite music.

However these aren't the only benefits. Rhythm & timing greatly improve which allows for even easier listening, allowing the listener to make more sense of the music and following complex passages becomes almost effortless.

Listen from the "i", "XS" & now the "Classic" ranges here at Audio-T Enfield.


And what better time to step up to the NAP200,250 or 300 with our Naim summer saver promotion!


Promotion ends August 31st. In-store only.


Ask for more details either by phone or email.



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