Introducing Dolby Atmos.

This week we were delighted to visit Dolby Laboratory’s European headquarters in London. We were there at the invitation of Onkyo UK to learn about the next evolutionary step in home cinema surround sound , Dolby Atmos.


Dolby Atmos uses new sound processing techniques to create audio that can be steered not just front to back or side to side but now with height and depth. This introduces previously unheard dimensions of movie sound and allows complete room coverage. This is easily achieved by adding a minimum of two small upward firing speakers to your existing 5.1 system. More Dolby Atmos enabled speakers can be added to bigger systems to create even more detail and realism. We heard it in Dolby's state of the art cinema and it blew our socks off, its that good.



We already have stock of Dolby Atmos ready products like the Onkyo TXNR636. Onkyo are so keen to get people going with Dolby Atmos that they are giving away two Dolby Atmos enabled speakers to anyone who buys one of their receivers. Onkyo also have a great website packed with lots of information about new Dolby Atmos, take a look.



If you have any questions or need information about how to upgrade your existing home cinema to Dolby Atmos then give us a call on 01772 883958