Chord Day - Sat 6th September Featuring Tuned ARAY and Signature Reference

We are having a Chord Company event on the 6th September from 11 - 6pm.

The emphasis will be on the new upgrade cables that Chord do to replace the Naim Snaic 4 and 5 leads (pre to power), and their ethernet range.

There will be demonstrations of the sound improvements that these cables can make, so anyone who is interested in a relatively inexpensive upgrade to their Naim system, or streamer, should pop along for a listen.

We will be using our Naim NDX, NAC202, Hicap DR and NAP200 system through a pair of PMC Twenty24 speakers.

The cables we will be demonstrating are the Chord Chorus and Signature Tuned Aray as replacements for the Naim Snaic 4 and 5. Plus Chord Ethernet cables from the £40 C-stream upwards.

We hope to see you all there.