Super Summer Offer on Selected Naim Power Amplifiers

Just one week remaining from Saturday 23rd August.


We have predictably some Used Naim NAP200 & NAP250 Power Amps available

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Until the end of August 2014 we have some very tempting offers on new

NAIM NAP200, NAP250 and NAP300 Power Amplifiers.

This extends to upgrading existing Naim power amps, so contact us for generous part exchanges.

Power Amplifier

Naim power amplifiers are designed to drive real loudspeaker loads and can easily deal with any impedance from zero Ohms to infinity without damage or signs of instability. All our power amplifiers feature heavyweight power supplies and can swing huge amounts of current so they are never caught out by dynamic transients. Many models benefit from technology that has trickled down from the massive amount of development work that produced the majestic NAP 500.