Tired of ripping CDs to a NAS drive using your computer?

Well we are. You may have considered a rip NAS already which can set you back around £400 or you've looked at a simple but costly audiophile media server, but for those of us that want to keep as far away from our computers as possible and are on a tight budget these options aren't satisfactory. Well there is a solution... We at Audio-T Enfield are very happy to introduce the Cocktail Audio X10!

Rip CDs in WAV, FLAC, OGG, & MP3 in a matter of minutes (4-5mins average) with all relevant metadata (album, artist names & album artwork) inc. without the tiresome chore of using your computer to do it! Share this music with the likes of Sonos (samba server needs to be "enabled"on X10, CDs ripped at "FLAC" for the best results, then type "\\X10\MusicDB" in Sonos media server setup). Share music with many other streamers including Naim, Cyrus, Marantz, Denon & many more!

Digitally archive your vinyls without the need to use a USB phono stage and complicated recording programme on your computer, simply plug your turntable with phono stage into the "aux" input on the X10 and press "rec" on remote.

The Cocktail Audio X10 doesn't stop there, the X10 can be used as a complete system (CD player/ripper, recorder, streamer including Internet radio, & a built in amp) just add speakers, making this one of the neatest most versatile micro systems available on the market.

And the best thing about the Cocktail Audio X10 is the price. It's cheaper than a rip NAS, easier to use with more flexibility to record external sources, yet it's ease of use & operation feels like a more expensive media server.

X10 (without hard drive) £299
X10 (500GB) £379
X10 (1TB) £439
X10 (2TB) £469


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