Valhalla awaits those who ride with the Valkyries...

...well musical valhalla at least.

Introducing the new Aedle VK-1 Valkyrie.


Now, the headphone market is absolutely bursting at the seems at the moment and it always seems like another copycat headphone brand pops up everyday, and that's no over statement.

But then a company comes along that bucks that trend and comes up with something truly original.

Aedle have done just that with new VK-1 Valkyries, with genuine lambskin leather ,manganese steel and liquid silicone to name but a few exotic materials.

As you can see the fit and finish is second to none and the design and styling is beautifuly realised.

But all this would seem a little pointless were it not for the great sound quality and comfort produced by the VK-1.     


Well then, what do they sound like??

Actually, very good.

Rich and full sounding with lots of detail would be fair a description. Heres what CNET think.

The midrange with the VK-1 is fantastic and the bass although not very deep is lean and precise. Check out Hedfonia's review.

So overall, the opinion from ourselves is positive, we like them. Even AV forums like them.

Each of the VK-1 aluminum parts are sculpted one by one in a virgin aluminium ingot. 

Handsewn genuine lambskin leather for headband and cushions.


All presented in a handsome quilted case. 


The Valkyries are on demonstration at our Manchester store.

So pop over for a test drive if you fancy something fresh for your ears.

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