More Naim stock now on demonstration

We have been benefiting from Naim's ever increasing success with a corresponding increase in sales.

With this in mind we have expanded our range of demonstration equipment upwards and now include in stock:

NDX Audiopile Network Music Player. Surpassed only by the NDS. The NDX improves on the ND5 XS with the inclusion of a significantly better quality power supply.

NAC 282 PreAmplifier. A massive step up in performance over the NAC 202 sibling.

NAP 200 Power Amplifier. A great value Audiophile amplifier and a significant improvement over the NAP 155 XS.

NAP 250 Power-Ampilfier. This can truly be described as a classic amplifier. One of the greatest designs ever.

HiCap DR. Delivering stable, low noise power. The HiCap Dr is the most cost effective upgrade available for most pre amplifiers, headphone and phono stages.

Feel free to contact Jon, Dom or Paul for a demonstration.