B&W have done it again....

The NEW Bowers & Wilkins are more than just a new fancy cabinet redesign,.. They are a completely new speaker in their own right and worthy of your attention!

As some of you may already know, B&W lauched their NEW 600 S2 series at the recent Hi-Fi show in Bristol with great success.

shortly after the show, we in Swindon received our demo stock and set to work un boxing the small mountain of boxes and started to run them all in in our back demo room. First impressions were good and instantly showed off all B&Ws hard work but that's nothing as to how they sound now once they've had a few hours under their belt.

The NEW 600 S2 series still has that sound we all know and love ( and if I'm honest expect ) from such a world class speaker manufacture such as B&W, but with a bit of B&W magic, they have managed to squeeze an extra load of refinement out of the range. 

This new speaker range that starts at £349 for the 686 S2 should be making all other speakers at the equivalent price points tremble in their cabinets!

If you're in the market for a new pair of speakers or even if you have a pair of the old 600 series and would just like to hear how they sound, give us call to arrange a demo.

To arrange your demo, give us a call on: 01793 538222 or email us on: swindon@audio-t.co.uk

See you soon.