The Ceramic Revolution?? Oh yes, and it's called a Rega RP10.

The Rega RP10 in Audio T Manchester.


RB2000 tonearm.

The RB2000 uses the latest award winning Rega arm tube. Each one which is meticulously hand polished (keeping mass to an absolute minimum) and has been completely redesigned to redistribute mass and further reduce stresses and resonances. This advanced design tube increases the stiffness and rigidity of the overall assembly whilst reducing stress on the bearings even further.

The Apheta cartridge. Mounted on the RB2000.

Super flywheel effect ceramic platter

Yep..thats right, the words "super and fly" a la Curtis Mayfield are used to describe the RP10. Say no more!!!

The RP10 uses a custom ceramic flywheel effect platter. The platter is produced from ceramic oxide powder which is compressed, fired and diamond cut to ensure perfect accuracy and flatness across the surface. The new platter features a modified construction over the previous P9 version with improved coupling to the sub platter.

Skeletal plinth design with polyolefin foam core, which is created using nitrogen bubbles, all of which are the same size, just like a pint of Guiness.

Controversially Rega has always researched methods of producing light but stiff and rigid plinths. The technology is simple: unwanted noise at microscopic levels is developed by the turntable motor and main bearing. The plinth can also pick up airborne vibration from the music. From the beginning in the 1970’s Rega pioneered the use of a stressed skin structure for the plinth. This uses two layers of phenolic resin with a lightweight particle or fibre board sandwiched between the skins. This technique has been used in many applications where stiff, light structures are needed such as an aircraft wing or a Formula 1 chassis.

"Now thats whats you call polished to perfection" so sayeth the wise Chromey. 

The motor drives the CNC machined pulley, sub platter and hub-bearing assembly via the twin belt drive. Each motor is individually hand tuned to its own custom power supply in the factory to minimise vibration, motor noise and ensure optimum performance.

How does it sound ?

"At the moment I have only tried the RP10 with the Rega Apheta, which gives a huge soundstage and very fast sounding with no bass overhang . After a few records I felt I could listen to this combination all night! and thats what happened. Detail just poured out of the speakers. Would I sell my current turntable for this ?  possibly"

The Rega RP10 on display and demonstration at our Manchester store.

Please feel free to call in and ask Dave,Munir,Mike or Kevin for a demonstration.



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