Pre-loved Naim Bonanza

Roll up, roll up, get your bargain pre-loved (second hand) Naim 'ere!

The first unmissable bargain is a Naim CD5XS serial number 301855 (2010) for £1299. Not only is this an excellent CD player in it's own right, but is upgradable with a Naim Flatcap or Hicap. Also it features a digital output so it can be further upgraded using a top quality DAC.


Second bargain is a Naim Nait XS serial number 284520 (2009) for £999. The Nait XS is very fine integrated amplifier upgradable with a Naim Flatcap or Hicap.

For the eagle eyed customer please do not be confused by the "Nait XS2" badge on the box. This is one of the later Nait XS's which had the box labelled as Nait XS2 but it is not the current spec.


Finally we have two Naim Flatcap XS serial numbers 324768 (2012) and 276809 (2009) both going for £499. For all non Naim 'o' files, these are external power supplies to upgrade various other Naim products, including the two products listed above. Unlike any of the other Naim Power Supplies, these flexible beauties can provide an upgrade for two products at once! For example, a CD player and a Pre-amp, making them excellent value for money.


If you're considering passing on the bargains listed above and buying new Naim kit, please remember, Naim put their prices up on the 1st April!