New - Rega RP10 Turntable

We now have the outstanding new Rega RP10 turntable.

A Quote from Rega - 'The RP10 represents probably the biggest step forward in the evolution of Roy Gandy's turntable design philosophies'

Here are some of the design highlights:

Skeletal Plinth design

The plinth design uses a unique stressed skin structure. Two layers of phenolic skins sandwich a feather weight nitrogen expanded foam. Utilising this feather weight plinth structure almost entirely eliminates unwanted noise developed by the turntable motor, main bearing and unwanted airborne vibrations.

The plinth is constructed in a similar way to materials used in the avaition and formula one industries. The plinth has a double brace mounted between the tone-arm mounting and the main bearing where increased rigidity is required. The top brace is magnesium and the bottom brace is phen-lic. These are two of the lightest and stiffest materials available. Because the two materials have different natural resonances they are in effect self damping.

Ceramic Platter

The Ceramic Oxide platter is diamond cut to produce a perfectly flat Round platter insuring a perfect fly wheel effect.

24V Low Noise Motor

The 24V two phase synchronous motor is controlled by the dedicated RP10 PSU supplied. Each motor is hand tuned to the PSU to ensure minimum vibration and motor noise.

RB2000 Tone-arm

The completely redesigned ultra light armtube is meticulously polished to keep the weight to a minimum (Paint weighs a lot). The bearings are hand selected to achieve a perfect match. This proven method increases the amount of detail retrieved from the record surface and allows maximum performance to be achieved from the cartridge.

On listening, the amount a detail retrieved from the record groove is outstanding. The bass is tight fast and extremely tuneful. Stereo imaging is as good as any turntable we have heard. The treble is amazingly detailed and smooth.

We have partnered our RP10 with the Dynavector DV20X2L low output moving coil cartdridge and it is a superb match.

Available in store for demonstration. Upon listening I am sure you will be as outstanded as we are.