Harvey Wallbanger Sir? No, I'll Have an X30 Ripper & Streamer Please

We have recently brought the great products from Cocktail Audio into the store.

The star of the show is the Cocktail X30 

This is a truly comprehensive system which will rip your cds onto its internal storage (various sizes of hard drive are available starting at 1TB) It can rip in WAV, FLAC, OGG, or mp3 and has access to a database of album covers which it will display on its coloured screen. 

But that's just the beginning, this system is bristling with extras, there is a built in amplifier which we have used to drive a variety of speakers well, it has access to internet radio as well as FM and will allow you to record from those sources. You can also record from its line level inputs, it is a streaming device allowing access to your networked storage, has digital inputs and outputs and an internal DAC that wil handle up to 24/192!! Oh and there's an HDMI output for the display which also allows picture slideshows to be viewed.

The best bit is, it sounds great at a very reasonable price.


There is a smaller brother called the X10 which is a streaming mini system with many of the features of its sibling and is cheap as chips!


Our other new arrival is our new store resident and mascot Boswell Bear, He is a rescue teddy from a local charity shop who needed a good home and no doubt will be adding to the atmosphere in the shop, and probably getting involved in our blogs etc. once he has settled in


He certainly seems to like the Cocktail Audio