New Naim Wall and other November news

We are delighted and grateful to Naim for installing our new wall.  It was well worth the wait.  As you can see it focuses the eye on a prominent shop front position dedicated to showcasing Naim products.

The system running above sounded great on both vinyl using Rega's RP10/Apheta and Aria or streaming via Naim's NDX and DAC.

Both sources were fed through a Supernait 2 driving Focal Aria 926 speakers.

There was no shortage of drive, dynamics and sheer musicality with this set up and it highlighted the merits of the best of analogue and digital music playback.

The arrival of the Naim wall coincided with the much anticipated appearance of our demonstration Naim mu-so.  Having lived with it for a few weeks now we are still marvelling at the room filling ability of this most elegant and discreet wireless speaker system.

It really sounds like a full sized hi-fi system running a decent size pair of speakers.

mu-so is on permanent demonstration in store.  Come and be amazed.  The mu-so app is very intuitive but once you've handled the very tactile control you won't be able to leave it alone!  It's very slick!

Also new in store is Quad Vena.  A compact high quality integrated amplifier with AptX Bluetooth and a good range of digital and analogue inputs packaged in retro style casework harking back to Quad's classic past products, Vena is a very appealing and capable amplifier at a very reasonable £599.95.  

Lancaster grey is the standard finish with piano black or white or wood veneer available for an extra £100.  We look forward to running in this exciting new product and putting it through its paces.


Finally, we are very pleased to now have the new Pioneer BDP-LX58 Blu-ray universal disc player on dem.  We have been awaiting a reference quality disc player from Pioneer for some time, one that matches the performance and build quality of their high end AV receivers.  

BDP-LX58 certainly fits the bill.  It's a reassuringly heavy 9.9kg with an iron chassis and rigid quiet drive mechanism designed to eliminate vibrations. 

The brushed alloy front panel is particularly classy and uncluttered.

We and our customers have been most impressed with both the video and audio performance of the BDP-LX58 through the SC-LX88 AV receiver in our Dolby Atmos dem room.  Atmos soundtracks really come to life and the picture is vivid with superb motion tracking making movies totally absorbing.

If this is what Pioneer can achieve with a £600.00 Blu-ray player we can't wait to see and hear the flagship BDP-LX88 when it arrives very soon!