New at Portsmouth - Naim, Ruark and B&W

We have had several new exciting products arrive in store recently. I'm not going to go into much detail in this blog, but we may have a more in depth look in another blog soon.

Firstly the fantastic Naim Mu-so streaming system. Highly anticipated but still managed to surpassed our expectations with it's stunning sound quality. Well worth the £895 price tag. You could even use it as a soundbar for your TV!

Secondly, another top quality one box system. The Ruark R2 Mk2 £399 is a real step forward from it's predecessor. It loses the ipod dock on the top but gains Bluetooth, also gains a better display, is more intuitive to use, and sounds better.

Lastly, but certainly not least the new B&W CM series 2 speakers. We currently have the CM1 S2 £649, CM6 S2 £1499 (stands not included) and CM8 S2 £1499 models. The CM6 S2 shown below with it's distinctive tweeter on top. The CM1 S2 and CM8 S2 are a more traditional design with the tweeter in the speaker cabinet. All the models are a good improvement over the previous version but we particularly like the CM6 S2.