Naim mu-so sets new benchmark in wireless audio.

Naim Audio have once again raised the stakes with a truly innovative product. As ever they bring us the pleasure of high end audio but this time in a stand-alone wireless audio system. I refer of course to the mu-so wireless all in one music player.



The mu-so is a high quality active streaming receiver. It can play music from your PC , Mac or home network. It can connect to Spotify , internet radio, Apple AirPlay or Bluetooth and even has a USB and digital optical input. It is compatible with MP3, Flac (regular and high res 24 bit), WAV, and Apple. In short, as wireless streamers go there's not a lot that it doesn’t do.


Beneath the surface, the mu-so houses six custom designed speakers, each driven by its own 75 watt amplifier bringing us a total of 450 watts of power using technology inspired by the audio systems that Naim build for Bentley Motors.


When we first opened the box and took the mu-so out, you could tell straight away that this was a quality product built to amazingly high standards. The look and design of the mu-so is superb elegant and simple. Its brushed silver anodised aluminium chassis combined with the illuminated touch panel control and rotary volume seem almost futuristic and yet, are intuitive and easy to use. The mu-so can also be controlled by the Naim app available on both apple and Android devices.



With its varied functionality there are a few different ways to connect and set up the mu-so all of which are logical and straight forward. We soon had ours sat happily on our wi-fi network and playing from our music library. The music reproduction is amazing. For a relatively small product the sound that it delivers is super smooth with crystal clear clarity and jaw dropping bass, and its not shy when it comes to volume either.



So come in and have a look, have listen and you'll soon be adding a Naim mu-so to your Christmas list.