Chord Company tuning workshop with very special guest Kudos Loudspeakers.

The Chord Company will be coming to the Bristol shop on the 13th of November to conduct a workshop which will demonstrate how their wonderful cables can enhance the investment you have made in your Hi-Fi. What better speakers to reveal those differences than Kudos. Mat from Chord will be bringing those special runs of cable with an array of terminations including RCA, XLR, DIN. He will also demonstrate how digital cables can enhance your system including cables for streaming. Toby from Kudos will bring the brand new Kudos X3 speakers which are a welcome edition to Kudos's outstanding range of speakers. It's a floor stander featuring drivers specially made for Kudos by SEAS, high quality crossovers and coincidently Chord Sarsen internal cabling. As with all Kudos speakers the clean sound marries perfectly with the super clean lines of this elegant speaker. We will be using Naim and Sugden in the demonstrations together with the X3's and Super 20's. The event will run from midday to 8pm.

Look forward to seeing you there.