Sony VPLHW50ES Projector Brings Home Cinema To Life

Having had the Sony VPLHW50ES projector set up and working for a couple of weeks and tried some of our trusted 2 and 3d movies, we have to say how impressed we've been with its performance.

The inital picture we got straight from the box was fantastic and what a help it was having the vertical and horizontal lense shift available on top of the unit making the final positioning a breeze, less faff more time to watch your favourite movie before getting into those little fine adjustments.

The menu screens for making those adjustments to tailor the projector for the image which best suits you are very comprehensive  and easy to follow so getting what you want could not be easier.

It has a great colour balance, excellent black levels and beautiful fine picture detail, not only that you can get all of this in a room with some low lighting on, very handy for those who are easily scared in the dark.

2d movies we tried we thought looked amazing, but going on to 3d, well this is one of the best 3d viewing experiences we've had to date, you can even make adjustments to the depth of the 3d,wow.

There are so many areas of this projector we could go on about, but 1 more thing we feel is a major benefit is the whisper quiet fan so even in the most tense, quiet moments of a movie you'll not be distracted from the action by a fan.

All this for £2799.95 and now on a special offer price of £2399. We believe this projector should be on any movie fans must have list, do yourself a favour put a couple of discs in your bag and pop in and see for yourself. Read the Sony VPLHW50ES What Hi-Fi? review here