The Chord Company Signature Tuned ARAY Arrives!

Step into the world of The Chord Company's Tuned ARAY cables.

 I have been a fan of The Chord Co. for a long time. However, before hearing The Chord Company's new Tuned ARAY cables I didn't know what I was missing!  

Whether it is an RCA pair, 5Pin DIN, digital coax, or USB cable they all contribute to a more realistic musical presentation. Perhaps, that should be they contribute less, letting the music really shine through, unrestricted and less coloured.

Tuned ARAY in an analogue RCA configuration starts at the Signature range and goes up to the Sarum range. Signature Tuned ARAY uses silver-plated high purity copper conductors for both the signal and return paths. All conductors are insulated with PTFE and feature a dual layer, high-frequency, silver-plated braided shield, which minimises signal loss through interference. The Signature Tuned ARAY RCA cable also features Chord's ultra low mass acrylic plugs.

Everything I've talked about so far has featured in Chord's high performance cables for some time now, however these features alone are not what makes Tuned ARAY so good...

The magic lies in the Tuned ARAY conductor configuration. Chord quotes “a revolutionary way of building audio interconnects. Tuned ARAY conductor technology produces outstanding levels of detail along with an extraordinary level of musical coherence.” I don't disagree, the change it has made to my system is amazing.

The most noticeable improvement is that the noise floor seems to have dropped, creating an inky black silence between every single instrument in the recording. This in turn has created one of the most realistically believable soundstages I have ever heard. Vocalists stand up to the microphone and start to sing, bass drums cut through me, strings on guitars have so much more texture.

The application of Tuned ARAY cables within a system sounds like nothing I've heard before. The only thing I can compare this type of performance jump to be like are mains conditioners or feeding your system with a battery. I can't think of many black boxes that give these types of improvements for the same price as Chord Signature Tuned ARAY cable, which is why Tuned ARAY has become one of the most important upgrades I have made to my system.

The difference that is Tuned ARAY, is the ability to listen to a piece of music vs. listening to your system trying to play a CD, WAV/FLAC File, or Vinyl. It's real, the musicians are playing in front of you!

My only request is that you forget what you think cables can do, and listen to a Chord Tuned ARAY cable for yourself.


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