PMC Fact 12

We were fortunate to have a visitation by Tom Barron yesterday, our man from PMC. He brought along a pair of the new PMC Fact 12 loudspeakers, which we duly connected to our better Naim system in store. This system comprises the Naim NDS, 555PS, NAC252, Supercap, NAP300 all on Fraim, along with our Linn Sondek LP12 turntable, with Keel, Ekos SE, Akiva, Radikal and Urika.

We have long been fans of the PMC Fact 8, and as you would imagine, the Fact 12 is more of the same & then some ! They are a very capable performer, and whichever music we played they coped manfully.

Incorporating fine tuning switching on the crossover, the Fact 12 can be tailored to suit your system and envoiroment, with subtle adjustment of bass and treble cut or lift.

They look good too !