Arcam's irDAC is here!

We've got our hands on the eagerly awaited Arcam irDAC!

We open the box to find everything perfectly wrapped in individual compartments.

With everything unpacked its clear to see Arcam has been quite generous. Supplied with the irDAC is all the relevent cables needed to get you on your way. PSU, Remote, x1 Stereo phono-phono cable, x1 Digital Optical cable, x1 Digital Coax cable, USB A-B cable, and Manual.

The Arcam irDAC uses x1 Burr-Brown/TI PCM1796 DAC chipset (Hang on don't they use x2 of them in Arcam's D33... Yes!) So arguably quite a lot of DAC for a mere £399!

On the back of Arcam's irDAC you will find x1 USB input Class I/II(switchable)[Faster is better :) Driver needed visit and download the D33/irDac driver to support the faster class II USB input], USB iPod input, x2 Optical inputs, x2 Coax inputs, x1 Digital Coax output & x1 Analogue Phono output.


So for those of us that don't have £2200 to spend on Arcam's wonderful D33! Is this the answer?

We have our irDAC running in now, so our thoughts will follow in a couple of days(Watch this space!)


Arcam's irDac is everything I expected from the little brother of the mighty D33.The irDac stays true to Arcam's sonic signature, which I feel is a vast,immersive 3D sound stage which brings you closer to the music & allows the listener to forget about their speakers & electronics! Arcam's irDac sounds right... everything I've played through it (from Classical to Metal, and everything in between) has made me smile with its sweet, natural tones. In turn this has given me more head room to crank the volume up, without my system losing control.

The Arcam irDac is one of the best £399 I can think of spending, which is why mine's on order.


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