Two New Audiolabs! Q-DAC and M-PWR

Much like buses, you wait for a new Audiolab product to appear then two arrive at once!

Here are the new Q-DAC and M-PWR before we unwrapped them.  

The M-PWR is opened first, showing how it is well protected in foam packaging and complete with instruction manual and separately boxed power lead.

We soon have the power amplifier fully revealed in all it's glory.  It's a compact and solidly engineered piece of equipment, reassuringly weighty.

Now we want to see the Q-DAC so we carefully open the outer box.

The Q-DAC is similarly well packaged and comes with user manual and power supply with integral mains lead and multi pin plug for connection to the Q-DAC power supply input.

The Q-DAC is now out of it's box revealing the same clean functional design as the M-PWR and the higher specification M-DAC.  The alloy casework and front panel have a reassuring feel of quality about them.

The Q-DAC and M-PWR make a handsome pair!

A peek around the back reveals a comprehensive set of sockets, mostly gold plated.  The Q-DAC has a 192KHz coaxial digital input and asynchronous USB socket also supporting 192kHz 24 bit files plus 96kHz 24 bit optical input.  Like it's big brother, the M-DAC, the Q-DAC has a Class A output stage and headphone amplifier so should give a warm, involving sound.  

M-PWR produces 40W into an 8 ohm load and has XLR inputs for optimum connection to M-DAC as well as RCA sockets for connection to Q-DAC, etc.

Right, now it's time for some music!  We will report back on these products once they are fully run in and warmed up.  The Q-DAC is £399.00 and M-PWR is £499.00 so look like being great value for a compact high spec DAC pre-power combination.

Tune in again soon for our thoughts once we've had a listen!