Transform Your Vinyl....Part 2. Apheta Prime...

Rega Apheta moving coil cartridge.

Now thats what I call a headshell !! 

The Rega Apheta has been with us for a number of years now and after the recent introduction of the magnificent RP8 which comes with an optional Apheta cartridge, we have been reintroduced to the delights of this wonderful cartridge. 

After 4 years of research by Rega (no pun intended) and many experiments the Apheta was complete. The end result is a fantastic sounding cartridge. Big, open sounding and with great spatial performance it truly is a joy to listen to.

Ours is as expected attached to a Rega RP8 which in turn is hooked up to the Rega Aria phonostage.

On the front end are a pair of Pro-Ac Response D40s connected to a Rega Isis integrated amplifier.

All beautifully displayed on our ground floor at the Manchester store.

As you can see here Rega use the three point mount for use on Rega arms.

 What did you do with rest of the body Chromey ??? Run!! Optimus is coming....

So, want to transform your vinyl? Contemplating a new cartridge? Why not pop in and have a quick listen to the Rega Apheta.

It's all hooked up and ready to play on the shop floor. Just ask any of the guys to spin up some vinyl for you. We'll also be happy to set up the Apheta in our dedicated demo room for a quieter listening experience.


Munir, Kevin, Mike and Dave

Audio T Manchester

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