Countdown To The Projector Event Only A Day To Go!

Final preparation is being made ahead of our Projector event next Thursday, Friday and Saturday 20th-22nd of June.

We will have 2x Epsom Projectors in our smaller demonstration room with a 5.1 package.

In our larger demonstration room we will be running a JVC, A Sony HW50 and the big daddy that is the 4K Sony VW1000ES! We are excited about this and are sure it will impress music and film enthusiasts alike.

The big picture event will be complimented with a high end home cinema packages from Anthem and Focal.

We already have many people attending so be sure to give a call and book in a tine if you are attending in the evening.

We are open each day from from 9.30AM-5PM (Thursday till 7.30pm) and representives from the manufacturers will be on hand to answer all of your questions.

Refreshements will also be available so even if you just love your movies but want to see and hear it and have some cake feel free! Who says nothing in life is free :-)

We look forward to seeing you 

Danny, Paul and Mahmood