Rega Aria phonostage touches down in Manchester....

Our very own demonstration Rega Aria Phonostage has arrived and is warming up nicely and our Brighton store have unboxed theirs, take a look at the blog right here.

Meanwhile we thought we would take a closer look around the back and under the bonnet.


As you can see there are various capacitance, resistive load settings and gain settings to match a variety of moving coil cartridges.

Terry Bateman, Rega's head designer likes to personalise the equipments pcb's with little quotes !!

There is definitely something poignant about this one !!. Nice one Terry !!




 You're the real bobby dazzler here chromy....don't you worry.



Our own experience of the Aria phonostage comes from the Manchester Show back in March this year. Dave Mac & Paul Darwin used it in the Audio-T room. 

Having a weekend of continuous listening and impressing the public, the Aria excelled with all genres of music.


Give us call on 0161 8398869  if you would like to listen to the Rega Aria at the Manchester store

For more information on the Rega Aria Phonostage you can visit the official website here.