KEF E305 Home Cinema Package



After the demise of the KEF KHT 2005 and 3005 the new KEF E305 is not only a good replacement but an improvement. Matched with the Yamaha RXV 673 and Sony BDPS 790 it gives a dynamic sound without forgoing control. We tested the system with the Mines of Moria scene from "The fellowship of the ring", with out the need to crank the volume up to get the right effect the Yamaha gave the speakers plenty to do offering great detail and an enthralling, exciting sound stage.

 Musically Antonio Forcione sounded surprisingly good. Well detailed and rhythmic. 

The build quality and design of the E305 is what one would expect from KEF.  Very stylish in the flesh, the pictures don't do it justice, and the package has a good solid feel of quality and good engineering.

For a sub £900 speaker package the KEF E305 is at the very least a must listen if not a must have.