£50 Chord C-Power Surprise

Chord C-power Shielded power cable 1.5m

Upgraded mains cables have always seemed like a bit of Hi-Fi voodoo, and when they look like a standard mains cable given free with all products, one can not help but be sceptical. When we were first shown the thin, black, Chord C Power with it's molded plugs we thought it was a joke. However, after a fair amount of encouragement and explanation about the product we gave it a try, and had to admit that Chord have produced yet another excellent product.

The C-Power is manufactuered in the UK by a company that specialises in military grade cables which is why it is no frills. We tried it with a Rega Apollo CD Player, Arcam A19 amp, and KEF LS50 speakers and the difference with the C-Power just plugged into the CD Player was immediate, and very positive, giving the system a more open, detailed and cleaner sounding presentation.

There are not many worth while system upgrades you can do for £50, but if you have a little spare cash and want to make an improvement to your system give the C-Power a listen.