We've Cracked Open The New KEF Eggs! The E305's Now On Demonstration

   Take a closer look at the KEF E305's at Audio-T Enfield. 

The 301 satellites contain KEF's Uni-Q driver array which houses the tweeter in the middle of the mid/bass driver (which helps give a wider voice to the speaker). (we recommend QED silver micro speaker cable to use with these)

The E301c centre speaker is simply the same E301 satellite just on it's side which helps create a seamless soundstage from front to back & side to side. (All speakers wall mountable)

  The E-2 Subwoofer uses a 8" bass driver, although small to some equiped with a 250W amplifier gives it the ability to energise our demo room with smooth controlled bass. We found to get the best out of this sub it pays to use a good quality subwoofer cable like The Chord Crimson VEE3 for a tighter response & more controlled bass notes. (less boom / more bass)

Listen in comfort & isolation from noisy shop floor environments in one of our purpose built demonstration rooms. Find out just how good the new KEF E305's really are.


We would describe the satellites as"Open, wide and detailed sounding"

And the E2 subwoofer to give a "coupled-to-room" bass response, creating "seamless & smooth" sounding bass.


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