The New KEF E Series 5.1 Cinema System Does Not Disappoint

We have just received and opened the brand new E305 system from KEF and even out of the box I am gobsmacked!!

We had the KHT2005 system on the wall for many moons now but took it down as the new ones were coming.

Having demonstrated this system many times I know how good it sounds at its price point. Hearing about the new E305 system my first thought was that it will be marginally better and looks pretty but I was wrong. The upgrade is chalk and cheese!

Getting them out of the box and feeling the speaker, the finish and weight of them is exceedingly better than the previous model. Taking technology from the award winning R series and even Blade you can tell that KEF haven't held back!

Very simple swivel bracket on the bottom of the unit that can be modified to either sit on a stand/cabinet or to go on a wall is simple and effective. The turn of two small screws and you're done!

The subwoofer is a thing of beauty and doesn't sound too bad either! We are always sceptical of sub sat systems as the sub sometimes come up short so we would always recommend a Velodyne or a REL and while it isn't in dedicated subwoofer territory it isn't bad at all!

Keeping the settings the same on the amplifier for the previous system but just fine tuning the sub and it was instantly better. A much fuller and broader sound straight away was noticed by me and the customer. We were both in shock as to how good it was!

For £900 its a stylish sub/sat system that will be sure to win awards!

I am hopefully putting them on the wall today so pop down have a listen and let me know how you would like to pay ;-)



30, Crown Street,


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