Ortofon Prime!!...Transform your vinyl

MC Rondo Red from Ortofon!

Can you spot the cartridge?

So what is it about this cartridge?

Well, when you look at the retail price of £375 and what this elegant looking cartridge is capable of, you can appreciate its true value.

Made from Japanese hard wood and decorated using a time honoured lacquering technique for that lush finish.

The stylus is a very fine polished elliptical diamond mounted on a aluminium cantilever.

How does it sound?

We have had this fitted to a Michell Gyro SE for number of weeks and also connected to a Rega RP6.

We would describe it as having “full bodied involving sound”.

A smooth presentation would also be a good description.

Who’s it for?

For people ready to take the jump from MM to MC at a low cost.

Can I hear it?

Absolutely.  You can call Audio-T Manchester and arrange to have a demonstration.  T 0161 8398869 Email: Manchester@audio-t.co.uk

More pics below. Thanks for reading.

Disclaimer. No vinyl was harmed during the making of this blog.

Hmmm..Rondo Red.

Yes! Chrome Trooper you too can pose with the Rondo Red....jeeez.