How Much Better Can a Headphone Amplifier Get?

We took delivery of the long awaited Sennheiser HDVD 800 Headphone amp yesterday, and what can I say.......

Having heard it in action at the Bristol Show I was very keen to get my hands on one for the shop, needless to say that as soon as it came through the door we were like kids at Christmas.. although we did treat the boxes with a little more care!

With several inputs available for direct connection to your source components, we decided to connect it to our Cyrus CDXT transport with a digital co-ax. The Sennheiser HD700s were close to hand so they were the first headphones we tried on the amp..... they are still plugged in!

Performance wise it is simply stunning, it's hard to explain but they don't sound like headphones?

One of the first customers that listened to the system was shocked and asked "how much better can it get?"...

When you realise what your headphones could sound like, it will most likely push you into purchasing some sort of headphone amplifier and hopefully you will see the benefit and use your headphones a lot more in the future.

We have many customers that exclusively use headphones, whether it be for space restrictions or domestic harmony! But more often than not headphones have always been second choice... well things could change...

Please feel free to call in with a favourite CD and have a listen for yourself.. you will be amazed!

For more details on the amp here is the link to the Sennheiser page

Price - £1499.95