Chord Company Training Day

On Monday 4th March we had the pleasure of spending time with the Chord Company in Salisbury.


The day started with a factory visit. What immediately struck us was the lovely working environment. The work areas are spacious and full of natural light. Music is played continuously and there is music and movie memorabilia is everywhere. Everyone was enthusiastic and proud of their product.

After a lovely lunch we were given the opportunity to make up some cables ourselves! It soon became obvious that the attention to detail and care was second to none. If you buy a Chord cable, you can be assured that it has been lovingly assembled.

The best and final part of the day was spent listening to the entire range. This is something that we could never do in store and it was so useful. We progressed from Crimson (£55) to Sarum (£1600) with interconnects, and Carnival (£4.10) to Sarum (£5.50) with speaker cables.

To be able to hear each difference and improvement as one cable was substituted for another was truly interesting. We even heard the improvements that the new VEE 3 plugs make (and it was not subtle)!

We would really like to thank all those at Chord for a lovely day.